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Nevelli Traditional Thermostatic Radiator Valve - Brushed Copper (Angled TRV)

Price £ 85.00 Each
Height* 142mm
Width 87mm
Depth 56mm
Orientation  Angled
Compression Inlet 15mm
Standards CE
Material  Brass
Features Frost Protection 
Wheel Head Handle  Real Wood (Black)
Finish  Brushed Copper
Warrenty 6 Years Manufacturers
Delivery  Next Working Day


We recommend all TRV's are installed on the flow rather than the return pipework of a radiator. When used in conjunction with a system automatic bypass valve this thermostatic valve can be installed on either the flow or return in any orientation. System automatic bypass valves are a specific building regulation requirement for all new installations and boiler upgrades. All bi-directional TRV's from any manufacturer require the bypass valve to function correctly and thus avoid radiator hammer.